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It seems everyone wants a Tesla Model 3 these days, and it makes sense why. Not only are these cars economical, efficient and technologically advanced, but they’re a pretty cool way to tool around town. Add in the fact that drivers can hit 60 mph in 3.1 seconds, and it is no wonder the Model 3 is the 16th most popular vehicle in the world, selling over 167,000 cars in the U.S. market in 2020 alone. The Model 3 remains a popular car on the secondhand market as well, with some reports claiming that well-kept Model 3s can be worth more than one coming off the lot—a rarity even in today’s hot used car market.

Of course, not everything about the Tesla Model 3 is sunshine and double rainbows. Many owners know that the car is far from perfect and has been known to have some minor issues, particularly when it comes to the factory standard paint job. It has gotten so bad that some angry customers have taken to suing the carmaker. A more useful solution for many, however, is to invest in good preventive care, like Tesla ceramic coating.

	Tips: Tesla Model 3 Paint Issues & How to Fix Them

Pay attention to vulnerable areas, such as behind the wheels

What Are Tesla’s Model 3 Paint Issues?

Issues stemming from Model 3 paint jobs have been widely reported by Tesla owners worldwide. The main complaint concerns the degradation of the factory standard paint job, which can flake and chip over time, especially in certain areas, such as around the wheel well or fenders. Many owners feel that the issues stem from flawed manufacturing processes, especially concerning the Model 3’s basecoat.

After initially ignoring the complaints, Tesla investigated the issue and laid the blame for paint issues on normal wear and tear that drivers should expect to see when taking their cars out on the road. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been a little bit more honest, saying that such production issues are more prevalent when the company is ramping up car production, as was the case for the Model 3.

How to Fix Tesla Model 3 Paint Issues

While Tesla says that most paint issues are the result of road conditions, such as excess salting, even owners in rarely salted climates have noticed issues. To help protect the Model 3’s finish, owners should consider taking the following preventive measures.

Try Ceramic Coating

As mentioned above, one popular option for many Tesla owners is installing a protective ceramic coating on their Model 3 to help protect the paint. Professional installation is recommended as the application is a highly precise process. This can often be done more economically and faster than repainting and comes with additional benefits.

Forming a protective barrier over a Tesla’s paint, ceramic coating will be able to provide protection from U/V damage, bug splatter, salt, tree sap, grit and grime. This is because the ceramic coating bonds with the paint on a molecular level that helps make the finish hydrophobic—or water repellent.

Install a Mudflap or Splash Guard

One cheap and simple way to keep your Model 3’s paint looking great is to protect it from erosion, salt and grit by installing a mudflap or splash guard around the car’s tires. As owners know, the Model 3 doesn’t come with either option as part of the standard package. However, Tesla has recently started to offer its own all-weather protection kit, which sells for $70.

	Tips: Tesla Model 3 Paint Issues & How to Fix Them

If your Model 3 is exposed to the elements, you have to protect it

Keep It Clean

While the jury may still be out over the ultimate effectiveness of a routine car wash on a car’s MPG efficiency, what is clear is that keeping your car’s exterior free of dirt and debris is a good way to prolong the life of any car’s paint job. Because, as much as we hate to admit it, bird poop can really take its toll on your car’s finish.

Consider a Car Cover

An additional exterior barrier is always a good idea—especially if a vehicle must be left exposed to the elements when parked outdoors versus in a garage. Car covers are an easy and often inexpensive way to keep a Model 3 better protected. But, no—you can’t just throw a tarp over the top while it is charging and call it a day.

Take Care of Your Model 3 to Prevent Pricey Trips to the Mechanic Later

In short, a little prevention can go a long way toward extending the life of your Tesla Model 3. Simple measures such as applying a ceramic coating can help protect the integrity of your car’s paint job and keep expensive trips to the auto shop to a minimum. After all, most Tesla owners are initially attracted to the brand by its promise of lower long-term maintenance costs compared to conventional gas-guzzling vehicles. Realizing these savings is all the simpler once you’ve taken the time to properly protect your Tesla.


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