Italian Brand Plans Its Own Lightning

The Maserati electrification program will be called “Folgore,” which means lightning in Italian. That lightning is coming to the American market soon. The company’s most recent information on electrification is linked below:

  • Maserati Grecale GT (GranTurismo), the new midsize SUV with mild hybrid
  • Maserati Formula E Racing Team
  • Electrification plans
  • Grecale Folgore, the all-electric (our lead image above) version of the SUV that will come with a 105 kilowatt-hour battery using 400-volt technology for fast-charging.  

Some questions we asked Maserati’s spokesperson about its electrification plans.

How many Maserati factories are there in Italy; which one(s) will produce electric vehicles?

  1. The historic Modena plant produces the MC20
  2. Mirafiori:  Levante, Ghibli, Quattroporte, GranTurismo
  3. Cassino:  Grecale

	Interview: Maserati Goes Electric Too

The Grecale dash ups Maserati’s tech game

Where are the current electrified Maserati vehicles sold?  (Note: These are vehicles with any type of electrification.)

The hybrid Ghibli sedan and Levante SUV are currently sold in Europe and Asia. The mild-hybrid, midsize Grecale SUV GT and Modena versions that were unveiled in March 2022 will be sold globally. The U.S. Grecale SUVs  will begin arriving in fall 2022.  

	Interview: Maserati Goes Electric Too

Dealerships (like this one in Anaheim Hills, CA) will be getting electrified Maseratis soon

What is the projected on-sale date of the first electrified Maserati in the United States?

The all new electric Gran Turismo will be the first electric Maserati. It will be unveiled in 2023.

If you are including mild-hybrid, then Grecale GT and Modena would be first “electrified” units sold in U.S. this fall. 

The Grecale SUV will be the first full electric SUV for Maserati   It will arrive in the Americas approximately in the fall of 2023 (one year after the ICE and mild hybrid versions of Grecale).

What is the projected on-sale date of the first BEV Maserati in the United States?

First BEV in U.S. will be the Gran Turismo Folgore in 2023, followed by Grecale Folgore.

Story by John Faulkner. Photos by John Faulkner and Maserati.

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	Interview: Maserati Goes Electric Too

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