Cleaning Your Car Upholstery Doesn’t Have to be Painful


Tips for Keeping Your Car’s Inside Sparkling Too

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While the outside of your car is what people see most often and what sets its value, it’s the interior that matters the most. You know that you are going to spend most of your time on the inside of your car, so you need to make sure it’s as clean as possible so that you can actually enjoy it.

Cleaning your car upholstery doesn’t have to be a painful experience to clean your car, and when you have the best leather care kit available to you, it can be a much more pleasant experience because the result is that brilliant. Keeping your car looking great doesn’t just help you to maintain your asset–it can make you feel a lot better about it. Being able to keep the interior of your car fresh and clean is so important. With that being said, we’ve got five top tips and tricks to help.

1. Vacuum Often

If you want to keep the interior of your car clean, you have to have a vacuum cleaner specifically for your car. It’s not just about the dirt and debris from under peoples feet, but in the cubby holes and vents, the carpets and then under and in between the seats. You should think about getting a wet vacuum cleaner more than a regular one, because this can keep your car seats clean and loosen up the debris lodged within them. It’s especially helpful when you have children!

	Cleaning Your Car Upholstery Doesn’t Have to be Painful

Your exterior may sparkle, but you’ll have to devote some time to the inside

2. Invest in Car Cloths.

Microfiber cloths are actually one of the best investments that you can make for your car. Pampering the interior is a wonderful way to keep it fresh, and microfiber towels can be an essential thing if you want to get as much dirt off the car’s interior as possible. Microfiber towels are popular because their small fibers trap the tiniest of particles. Crumbs, anyone?

3. Keep Your Car Out of the Sun

We talked about the best leather car care kit you could have, but a great way to look after leather interiors is by keeping your car in the shade. Direct sunlight can damage the dashboard, leather seats would be prone to cracks, and when continuously exposed to the sun, everything can look a bit dry. The interior of your car can get very hot, and it can get hot enough to the point that plastic components can melt. Using heat shielding visors for the front and the back windshields can be a good solution, but keeping it out of the sun is a good idea in general.

4. Don’t Let It Build Up

It’s so easy to let the car become its own dump, but you don’t have to. Declutter your car every chance you get. If it doesn’t have to be there, take it out.

	Cleaning Your Car Upholstery Doesn’t Have to be Painful

Some interiors should always get the best care

5. Install a Trash Bin

If you have kids, then you know what it’s like to feel that crunch of old food or find the stash of candy wrappers in the back of the car. Instead of worrying about this, you can easily get rid of the problem by installing a trash bin. This will enable you to keep up with any of the rubbish in the car and not have to worry too much.

The reward for all this is a more enjoyable ride as the inside of your car matches its shiny exterior.

	Cleaning Your Car Upholstery Doesn’t Have to be Painful

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