5 Tips for First-Time Luxury EV Owners


    Help for Stepping into a New World

    Luxury EVs are rising in popularity. The majority of new EVs available fall into this category. You can even convert existing vehicles to electric power if you have the capital. Whether you purchase or convert, protecting your new high-value investment is essential.

    Here are a few things luxury EV owners should consider after making their purchase.

    1. Keep Checking the Tire Pressure

	5 Tips for First-Time Luxury EV Owners

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    After your recent purchase of a luxury vehicle, you may have invested more in the tires. A reliable set can get you on the road smoothly, but increased wear could affect your EV. Much like gas-powered cars, decreased tire pressure impacts the efficiency of your ride.

    Better tire-pressure control can help your new electric vehicle travel farther on a charge. If you want to take the best care of your luxury EV, ensure you continue to check the tire’s air to prevent premature failure and increase effectiveness.

    2. Install a Charger at Home

    To skip the public charging station, you might want to think about putting a charger in your garage. Powering an EV at home costs less than repeated visits to a commercial station. After just buying a car, some might want to look for ways to save a little money.

    While installing a charger will have an upfront cost, it can reduce spending in the long run. Additionally, powering up at home could prevent damage your luxury car might experience while at a public station.

    3. Get Home Security

    If someone who recently bought a luxury EV didn’t already have a security system, having one can provide peace of mind. There are fewer instances of theft in houses with this technology – and it can lower some insurance premiums by as much as 20%.

    An excellent tip for newer luxury owners is to invest a bit in keeping the car safe. Even if your area doesn’t have a lot of robberies, getting a home security system can deter potential criminals and keep vehicles secure.

    4. Pre-Treat Windows for Ice

	5 Tips for First-Time Luxury EV Owners

    EVs need extra attention in cold weather

    Winter can be a challenging time for EVs. Instead of waiting to scrape ice off the windshield, you can use a pre-treatment to prevent ice from forming. There’s a host of homemade recipes for de-icing – from vodka to half a potato – but be wary of using vinegar and water. It could damage the car’s paint and finish, which you really don’t want for a luxury vehicle.

    There are also some window treatments for sale if you’d prefer that to a home remedy. Either way, these strategies are a good way of avoiding scratching the paint or glass.

    5. Know When to Charge

    A new EV owner’s first thought might be to plug the car in every night so it’s fully charged in the morning. However, this can actually prove harmful to the battery. Fewer charging cycles keeps the lithium healthy, so most experts recommend charging between 20% and 80%.

    To keep a luxury car’s battery running as long as possible, there’s no need to charge it every night. Maintaining a good balance between full and empty will help it run longer.

    Use These Tips to Maintain Your Luxury EV

    Electric vehicles are much different from gas-powered cars. There are a few extra things to know in terms of battery life, as well as security and care. First-time luxury EV owners can utilize these five tips to treat their cars with the respect they deserve.

	5 Tips for First-Time Luxury EV Owners

    Luxury EVs are proliferating, but they need care

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	5 Tips for First-Time Luxury EV Owners

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